Wedding Menus:from the Quality Wedding Company Ltd.

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The following courses have been taken from our Wedding Brochure and form the basis of our “menu builder.”
To construct your menu, simply decide on the number of courses you require then choose the item(s) from the appropriate section in our Wedding Brochure.

For your complimentary “Wedding Brochure” please call Hilary on 01484 510111

The following menus are included as small sample of what is available.

The prices are based on a minimum of 100 guests, but we do cater for smaller numbers.

STARTERS: (3 samples from 40 choices)


Egg & Bacon Salad                                      £3.00

            Tossed mixed salad with hardboiled eggs & crispy bacon lardons


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Cheese, Pear & Watercress Salad (v)        £4.00

Peppery watercress mixed leafs with blue cheese, fresh pears &    hazelnuts, tossed in rich hazelnut oil dressing 
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Smoked Salmon                                           £4.00
Platter of sliced smoked salmon garnished with lemon wedges
& a cucumber boat, filled with lumpfish caviar

INTERMEDIARY: (samples from 40 choices)


Selection of Sorbets                     £ 2.50

Choice of Soups                           £ 2.50

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MAIN COURSES:   (samples from 50 choices)


·              Fish Dishes

·              Poultry Dishes

·              Meat Dishes     (Beef, Lamb, Pork)

·              Vegetarian Dishes

·              Cold Dishes

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FISH DISHES:   - (sample:  2 from 10 choices)

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Griddled Salmon with Lime & Chilli Butter        £9.00
Peppery watercress mixed leafs with blue cheese,
fresh pears & hazelnuts, tossed in rich hazelnut oil dressing

Roast Cod in Prosciutto                                       £11.00

Peppery watercress mixed leafs with blue cheese, fresh pears & hazelnuts, tossed in rich hazelnut oil dressing  

POULTRY DISHES:   - (sample:  2 from 12 choices)


Tarragon Chicken a la Crème                                    £9.00
Poached chicken breast with white wine, 
finished with fresh cream & tarragon.


Poached Chicken with Crème Fraiche                      £10.00
Lemon & herb-marinated chicken, cooked with 
shallots & 
lardons in white wine, finished with 
crème fraiche & poached figs (seasonal)

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BEEF DISHES:   - (sample:  2 from 12 choices)

Beef Stifado                                                               £8.50
Traditional Greek stew: a rich Mediterranean

stew, slowly cooked with garlic, onions, tomatoes & herbs

Roasted Fillet of Beef with Madiera Sauce      £12.00 
Prime fillet of beef roasted to your liking, 
served with Madeira sauce


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LAMB DISHES:   - (sample 2 from 8 choices)

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Rack of Lamb with Onion Gravy                     £11.00
Roasted rack of lamb
served with a rich red onion gravy

Roast Chump of Lamb                                   £13.00
Tender lamb served with a redcurrant & rosemary lamb jus 


PORK DISHES:   - (sample 2 from 7 choices)


Roast Pork Loin with Bay Leaf & Caramelised Plum                 £ 9.00
           (pork loin roasted with bay leafs, served with
            caramelised plums & meaty gravy)


Roast Pork with Cranberry & Port Sauce                                   £9.50

            Roast pork loin served with a cranberry & port sauce

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Stuffed Mushrooms                                                   £7.00
Large-cap mushrooms filled with cheese, celery & spring onion,topped with breadcrumbs, drizzled with olive oil & baked
in the oven

Roasted Vegetables & Goats Cheese Tart          £9.00
A crisp shortcrust pastry case filled with roasted
Mediterranean vegetables & goat’s cheese

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Hawaiian Chicken                    £9.00
Half a pineapple shell filled with pineapple,
chopped chicken breast,
spring onion, mixed
in a mild curry mayonnaise & sprinkled
with roast



Antipasto                                 £10.00

            A plate of mixed salamis, pâté, egg mayonnaise, 
            tuna fish salad & olives

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DESSERTS:  (Sample -  3 from 34 choices)

Fruit Tartlet                                                               £3.50

            A large fruit tartlet served with a 
            liqueur-laced coulis & fresh cream



Hazel Nut Meringue Mountain                               £4.00

A crisp meringue base filled with strawberries or raspberries

 & whipped cream, served with strawberry Cassis coulis


Shortbread Hearts                                                   £4.50

2 shortbread hearts filled with strawberries & cream,

               served with strawberry coulis & decorated with 
               cream & a strawberry fan

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